As soon as you are injured, seek treatment immediately. Delays in seeking medical treatment not only can cause your physical condition to deteriorate, but can also hurt your claim. It is also extremely important to contact your employer immediately after you injured and inform him or her that you were hurt. Finally, you must file a written claim for workers' compensation benefits. The information in your written claim is very important and can be confusing and complicated.


To get results as efficiently as possible in filing a workers' compensation claim, work with an experienced workers' compensation claim attorney at our firm — Hoffmeister Doherty & Webb LLC in Overland Park, Kansas.


Our team of attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience in workers' compensation law, both in handling insurance defense as well as claimant-side matters. This dual-sided experience contributes to our success in a wide range workplace injury cases for clients throughout the Kansas City area.


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Kansas City Attorneys Handling The Workers' Compensation Process


Despite the urgency of workplace injuries, many workers' compensation claims can take a long time to be resolved. We move things forward for our clients as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of representation required to obtain favorable results.


During the initial interview process with our firm, we will gather information about your background with your employer or any pertinent medical history information. We will also cover questions about the circumstances surrounding your injury, your experience in receiving benefits for these kinds of claims, the type and amount of benefits that can be reasonably expected, and how our services can help you maximize compensation.


When the time comes to proceed with your claim, we will gather information such as witness statements, pictures of the accident area (if necessary), pictures of your injury, medical records, and independent medical and/or financial assessments to determine the full scope of your needs as a claimant.


Thoroughness and detail are crucial in this process, as one oversight could put your collection of benefits in jeopardy. Work with an experienced lawyer at our firm to make sure your claim is handled correctly from the start.


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