The question of whether or not you can receive total disability workers' compensation benefits depends on whether or not you are able to return to substantial gainful employment. If your disability makes this unlikely, it may be worthwhile to pursue total disability benefits.


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Every injury is different and can disrupt an individual's ability to work in different ways. That is why disability benefits can be distinctly classified:


Temporary total disability: You may be completely unable to work at all right now, but can expect to return to work someday.

Temporary partial disability: You may be able to work but not in the full capacity you once did, only performing certain job duties and you expect to be able to perform all duties again someday.

Permanent total disability: Even if you are not completely incapacitated, your injuries are so severe that you will not ever be able to return to work.

Permanent partial disability: Your injury is permanent but you can still work in some capacity.

In Missouri benefits can be distributed over the course of your lifetime and be payable on a weekly basis. Missouri has no set limit on permanent total disability benefits, but there are maximum weekly rates at which the benefits are paid. In Kansas there is a cap on benefits under permanent total disability ($1,55,000) under permanent partial disability ($130,000) and under functional disability ($75,000).


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