Our law firm handles workers' compensation cases throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas and is comprised of accomplished attorneys who have been focused almost solely on this area of the law for their entire careers. That said, experience and a primary focus on workers' compensation law are just two of qualities that make our law firm an excellent choice for injured workers, employers and workers' compensation insurance carriers alike.


Other advantages we offer include:


We understand both sides. Many workers' compensation law firms market the fact that they "never represent employers or insurers." As good as that may sound to you as an injured worker, does it really provide you with an advantage? Our proven ability to aggressively represent clients on either side of a workers' compensation claim and track record of success lead to a different conclusion.

We give you the experience you hired us for. We won't hand your case off to a paralegal or an inexperienced associate the minute you hire us. Instead, you'll have an experienced attorney working closely with you on your claim or appeal throughout the process. We will also keep you informed, promptly return your calls, e-mails and be responsive to any concerns you have along the way.

We provide comprehensive representation. Our lawyers offer diligent representation and services at all stages of the process, including initial applications for workers' compensation benefits, hearings before the Missouri Labor and Industrial Relations Commission or Kansas Workers' Compensation Board, and litigation in the appellate courts of either state.

We have extensive workers' compensation litigation experience. Our experience, procedural knowledge and familiarity with the Kansas and Missouri court systems allow us to provide efficient and cost-effective representation for even the most difficult cases.


To learn more or schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Overland Park workers' compensation attorneys, e-mail our firm or call us at 913-971-0241.


We advance all costs related to pursuing workers' claims for workers' compensation benefits. State laws limit attorney fees in workers' compensation cases to a maximum of 25 percent of past due benefits only, which means that injured workers pay no legal fees unless and until their claims for benefits are approved.