Workers' Compensation Law is What We Do.

For Businesses
If you are faced with workers' compensation claims, consider retaining Hoffmeister, Doherty and Webb in Kansas City. HDW helps you develop the most effective strategy and gather evidence for the strongest case possible. We provide counseling and representation at the administrative level, including Benefit Review Conferences, Contested Case Hearings, as well as managing the appeals process as necessary.

Workers' compensation law deals not only with workers' comp claims, but also organizing and administering self-insured programs. Typical cases may involve the Americans With Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Safety Issues, Wrongful Death and Right of Survival Statutes and more.

Learn more about how Hoffmeister, Doherty and Webb can help your business with workers' compensation and employment law issues.and employment law issues.

For Individuals
Hoffmeister, Doherty and Webb have the experience you need to help ensure you receive fair and balanced judgment in your case. We can help you determine what compensation you may be eligible for as a result of your injuries.

Use the links below to learn more about specific types of injury cases, then contact HDW to find out how we can help your claim move forward.