Lifting, bending, twisting or falling at work can result in serious injury to the spinal cord. Despite the debilitating nature of these injuries, many injured workers often try to work through the pain. The gray area surrounding these kinds of injuries makes proving the injury was a result of the workplace particularly challenging.


At Hoffmeister Doherty & Webb LLC, our experience in workers' compensation is vast. We have seen firsthand the ways insurance companies and employers assert that injuries were not the result of activities at work. We can anticipate these arguments and build a case in defense of injury claims for workers throughout Kansas and Missouri.


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Overland Park Back Injury Attorneys


Any occupation, from office jobs to construction work, can result in a serious back, neck or spinal cord injury. Many of them involve more than just "throwing your back out." They can require lengthy rehabilitative efforts due to slipped discs, herniated discs, fractured vertebrae or even paralysis.


You need to have the chance to recover fully when you have been injured, rather than putting pressure on yourself to perform your job at full capacity. Trying to do so can just result in more serious injuries.


To make sure your right to compensation is protected, work with an experienced lawyer at our firm. We can help you recover what you need to take care of medical bills, ongoing therapy needs, lost wages and lost income from being unable to work.


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