Any injury can dramatically affect a person's life, whether it involves a temporary injury or a permanent disability. No matter what type of workers' compensation claim you have, you need to be sure it is handled properly from the moment you file the claim.


The best way to do so is by working with an experienced Kansas City job site accident injury attorney. At Hoffmeister Doherty & Webb LLC, our team of skilled legal representatives have more than 80 years of combined experience in workers' comp law, specifically.


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Overland Park Slip-And-Fall Attorneys


Accident injuries are most commonly associated with labor-intensive occupations, but individuals in sedentary or office jobs can experience them as well. Some common injuries seen in workers' compensation accident claims include those related to:


Car accidents or truck accidents

Equipment such as heavy machinery or factory equipment

Constructions sites (i.e., falls from scaffolding or the use of hand tools)

Burn injuries from electrical wiring, explosive chemicals or equipment

Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents

Back and neck injuries like slipped disks or herniated disks

Shoulder, knee or joint injuries

Broken bones


Many injured workers who have suffered common issues like back and neck injuries may initially attempt to work through the pain. Some insurance companies take this as a signal that you are in fact able to work or that your injury is not as severe as you claim.


You need to be able to prove the severity of your injury through independent medical and occupational assessments. Our lawyers can to help you recover the compensation you need.


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