Workers spend nearly a third of their lives performing tasks that are often repetitive and involve making the same motions. This kind of overuse of a particular body part can result in undue wear and tear that would not have occurred if not for an individual's workplace duties.


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Kansas City Attorneys Handling Carpal Tunnel And Similar Injuries


Repetitive motion or repetitive stress can be particularly challenging for workers' compensation claims due to the amount of evidence required. Insurance companies and employers may assert that a worker's injury was caused by activities outside of the workplace rather than what occurred during employment, and insurance companies are not obligated to pay for injuries related to everyday living.


Some repetitive stress injuries are seen more than others. Some common examples include:


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Shoulder injuries or rotator cuff injuries

Injuries from repetitive lifting

Joint injuries (i.e., knee injury from repetitive bending, overuse of elbows)

Muscle or tendon strain

Loss of vision

Loss of hearing

In many cases, repetitive stress injuries are quite serious as they often involve irreversible damage or result in the need for surgery and extensive time away from work. Our firm can protect your best interests and get the care you need in a repetitive motion injury claim.


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